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Self Referral Services

If you are registered with the practice, you have access to services in the local area that do not require you to see a GP in order to be referred.

IAPT- Lewisham Psychological Therapy Services.

IAPT is a free and confidential NHS service provided by the South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust. They are part of the national Improving Access to Psychological Therapies programme.


Lewisham IAPT is not a crisis service. If you are in significant distress, have concerns around keeping yourself safe and/or feel you need help urgently, please contact the GP surgery, local accident & emergency department/urgent care centre (located in Lewisham Hospital) or call the local 24-hour mental health helpline 0800 731 2864.


Lewisham Foot Health Services provide assessment, diagnosis, treatment, education and advice on disease and deformities related to the foot and lower limb. Only people with a health condition that impacts on the health of their feet, or people with a significant foot problem such as a wound, acutely ingrowing nail or painful musculoskeletal condition, can be given access to the service.



Lewisham Hospital
The quickest and easiest option for booking your first appointment is to refer yourself online.
You can also contact the maternity team directly, using the call the midwife hotline on 07787 841 986.


Guys and St Thomas Hospital
In order to self-refer to Guys and St Thomas hospital you can email a referral form using the website below.


Pharmacy First

Need health advice without an appointment? Go to your Pharmacy First

Pharmacists in Lewisham can now give advice and treatment on a range of minor health problems for FREE. You do need to be registered with a Lewisham GP in order to access this service.

What treatment is available on the scheme? The pharmacy first scheme covers a range of short-term drug treatments. You can see your pharmacist up to twice for most conditions in the scheme. The pharmacist may need to refer you back to your GP if more treatment is necessary. If appropriate, the pharmacist will supply you with medicine. This medicine is only for you. It may not be the right medicine for other people, even if they have the same symptoms.